Research Paper

The Constitution and Mechanics of the ‘scales’ of Heritage: Sociopolitical Dimensions



This paper discusses the constitution and mechanics of the ‘scales’ of heritage: local heritage, national heritage and World Heritage, and draws attention to the differences between the ways in which these scales relate to one another in theory and in practice. A case study from Australia is used to illustrate the tension and interaction between the three heritage scales. Particular emphasis is given to how certain ideas drawn from postcolonial thought and theories of globalisation can help archaeologists and heritage managers to understand better these complex interactions, and to how this knowledge can contribute to theorising archaeological heritage management.

Keywords: World Heritage, scales of heritage, postcolonialism, national heritage, local heritage, globalisation, Archaeological heritage management

How to Cite: Long, D. (2005) “The Constitution and Mechanics of the ‘scales’ of Heritage: Sociopolitical Dimensions”, Papers from the Institute of Archaeology. 16(0). doi: