Research Paper

Funerary Symbols on the Temple Decorations from the Talamonaccio



Since the 15th century AD Talamone, a village on a bay alongthe Tyrrhenian coast midway between Florence and Rome, has been associated with the Etruscan Telamon. On the Talamonaccio, the famous 2nd century BC terracotta decorations depicting the battle of the Seven against Thebes were found in the late 19th century. Two ancient theories regarding the depiction of the myth are decribed.Before discussing both hypotheses, the ancient literary sources will be studied in order to discover what they reveal about Telamon, the two families of the consuls and temple dedications.

Keywords: thebes, telamone, etruscan, funerary symbols

How to Cite: Nijboer, A. (1991) “Funerary Symbols on the Temple Decorations from the Talamonaccio”, Papers from the Institute of Archaeology. 2(0). doi: