Research Paper

Fish Remains from Konam-Ri Shell Midden Sites, Ammyun Island, Korea



Fish remains recovered from archaeological sites have been studied to reconstruct past human diet, fishing activities, techniques involved in fishing activities, trade and environment (Casteel, 1976; Wheeler, 1978; Brinkhuizen and Clason 1986; Wheeler and lones, 1989). Identification of fish bones can provide information on the species exploited while the number of individual species exploited can allow us to infer preference in human diet, or the relative contribution of individual species to the diet. A study of the habitats and ecology of fish can provide information on the season of capture, fishing areas and fishing techniques. Fish remains can also be used to estimate fish size, age and weight, season of capture, and so on. A study of selected elements of individual species can be used to infer fish processing techniques and trade activities. In this paper fish remains from the Konam-ri shell middens on Anmyun Island, Korea, will be studied which will focus on the aspects mentioned above. Sea bream (Chrysophrys major) is one of the species which will be discussed in detail.

Keywords: fishing, diet, shells, midden, fish

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