For Authors


Q. What is the best way to contact regarding any journal related queries?

Please send an email to uje@ucl.ac.uk


Q. How will my research be reviewed?

We have a team of PhD and Masters students who conduct the peer reviewing process. This process is double blind, and the research will be based on its academic merit, arguments, and contribution it makes to its proposed research area. 


Q. When will I get to know whether my research is selected for publishing?

You should hear from us sometime late July or early August


Q. Where can I find details regarding the format and style of the entries we can make?

Please take a look at the Author guidelines here


Q. I am planning on including surveys conducted by myself as the source of data for my research, what should I be aware of?

Unfortunately the UCL Student Journals policy states that the usage of surveys require ethical approval along with the authority which provided the approval and the corresponding ethical approval code. However, you can definitely send us an email stating your exact situation with the type of research they are doing and we can still double check with the UCL journals back end team.


Q. When is each issue published?

We aim to publish our issues by October at the start of a new academic year.



For University Societies/Student Bodies


Q. What is the aim of our journal?

Our vision for the journal is simple: answer research questions we have with the curiosity and rigour of the economists we will become in the future. As such, we see the journal to have a target audience of students - both within and outside UCL - who are interested in getting to the core of Economic research. We hope it will boost student research under the umbrella of the department and the Tribune. We believe that it will become an excellent platform to showcase the research based education UCL prides itself on. 


Q. What are the existing pipelines of research which the journal consists of?

We currently publish research from research competitions at UCL, submissions from UCL students, and submissions from university students around the world.