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Slovo Spotlight: Interview with Managing Editor Maria Obrebska

Posted by Slovo on 2023-10-11

In the lead up to applications opening for the next Slovo Editorial Team, we are running a series of interviews with the current team about the ins and outs of their role and their experience working at Slovo. 

Firstly, we have an interview with our managing Editor, Maria Obrębska.

Why did you decide to apply for the role of managing editor at Slovo? What about the role appealed to you?

I applied for this role because I had an amazing experience previously publishing with Slovo in 2022. The team provided me with exceptional support, making my first publishing experience very comprehensive and gratifying. When applying for the role, I was eager to give the same opportunity to fellow researchers. I was also keen on gaining experience in project management, which is why this particular role appealed to me. 

What challenged you about the role during the Spring issue of Slovo?

Publishing a journal issue is a pretty long process with lots of steps involved. The tricky part about the Spring issue was keeping tabs on each step's progress and making sure everyone on the team was on the same page to get it all done on time. We did have a small delay, but overall, I think we did an amazing job!

Have you found it rewarding?

Absolutely! I have such great memories of the Launch event for the Spring issue. I was so proud of myself and the team for achieving something so remarkable, especially considering it was our first time tackling such a project!

Having published one issue, and preparing for the next, what do you feel you’ve learnt so far?

I've definitely learned the ins and outs of academic publishing, which is fantastic preparation for publishing my own works in the future. I fully recommend applying for this role to anyone interested in academic publishing because being on the team really demystifies the whole process.

Has anything surprised you during your tenure as Managing Editor?

I've discovered that fellow academics, when asked to be peer reviewers, are incredibly kind and willing to volunteer their time to help. I’m aware of how busy they are and I was so grateful for their support; it's been a wonderful experience collaborating with them!

What advice would you give to anyone considering the role?

Enjoy the learning journey! If this is your first experience in a role like this, don't worry. The process might seem a bit complicated at first, but you'll get the hang of it soon enough. And if you ever have questions about publishing, don't hesitate to contact your teaching staff at SSEES. I found that they're super helpful when it comes to Slovo!

Managing Editor responsibilities:

  • Ensuring that all submissions meet the journal's guidelines and standards.
  • Assigning articles to appropriate reviewers and handling the peer review process.
  • Collaborating with the editorial board and authors to make editorial decisions.
  • Coordinating with authors to address revisions and ensure the quality of published articles.
  • Managing the editorial workflow and deadlines.
  • Organising the launch event.

Applications for the next Slovo editorial committee open on the 16th October.


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