TROPOS has ceased publishing

All previously published volumes of the journal remain open and free to read for archival purposes. Submissions to the journal have been suspended. If you are a current UCL student or UCL faculty member and are interested in reviving the journal, please contact UCL Press using the contact form to register your interest.

TROPOS: The Journal of Comparative Cultural Inquiry.

The name Tropos derives from the Ancient Greek and is intended to evoke a cluster of meanings. It denotes a particular figure of speech, or a whole mode of rhetoric, but also refers to the spiritual significance concealed behind the literal meaning of religious scripture. The word also indicates a turn or change of direction, and stands for an instantiation of something unrepeatable as opposed to something universal. In this spirit the journal aims to stimulate critical turns of thought and deal with specific phenomena that have the ability to reveal more complex meanings. Tropos ceased publishing in 2018.