UCL Open Access Student Journals

UCL (University College London) offers a free service to UCL students who wish to run an open access journal. This service is managed by UCL Press, which provides the tools for students to independently manage and publish a fully open access journal, free of charge.

The programme currently comprises nine student journals which cover a wide range of subjects, from archaeology (the journal PIA - Papers from the Institute of Archaeology, established in 1990), to law (the UCL Journal of Law and Jurisprudencefirst published in 2012). You will find the list of journals included in the programme here.

Each student journal is supported by a corresponding UCL faculty, who provide subject specialist support for content and peer review, and by UCL Press who provide on-going publishing support, education about content publication, running and planning a journal publication, and succession planning at the end of the academic year. All student journals are peer-reviewed and the content is licensed under a creative commons CC-BY 4.0 licence. UCL student journals do not charge publication fees.

Featured Journals