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Papers from the Institute of Archaeology (PIA) is a peer reviewed, open access journal that publishes research on all aspects of archaeology, museum studies, cultural heritage and conservation. We publish research papers and short reports. We also welcome reviews of conferences, exhibitions and books. We accept online submissions via the journal website. See the author guidelines for further information or contact the editorial team.

Run by doctoral students at the UCL Institute of Archaeology, the aim of PIA is to provide authors with experience in publishing articles early in their careers. We therefore place extra emphasis on the provision of peer review feedback and editorial assistance. We publish online as soon as articles are ready, so there is no delay in research being released and submissions can be sent throughout the year.

The journal is fully indexed, blind peer-reviewed and fully open access. The PIA would like to thank all of our peer reviewers and copy editors for their time and invaluable expertise.

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2021 Issue
Posted by Chloë Ward on 2021-03-09

We are now accepting articles for our 2021 issue. You can submit here or get in touch ioa.pia-submissions@ucl.ac.uk. 

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Volume 32 • Issue 1 • 2022 • Volume 32

Research Paper

Late Holocene lithic points from a Southern Brazilian mound: The Pororó site

João Carlos Moreno de Sousa and Anderson Marques Garcia

2022-01-19 Volume 32 • Issue 1 • 2022 • Volume 32


Review of Whittaker G. 2021. Deciphering Aztec Hieroglyphs: A Guide to Nahuatl Writing

Rosamund E. Fitzmaurice

2022-08-11 Volume 32 • Issue 1 • 2022 • Volume 32