Research Paper

Conservation as a ‘Later Addition’

Author: Renata Peters

  • Conservation as a ‘Later Addition’

    Research Paper

    Conservation as a ‘Later Addition’



This paper contends that conservation is not a neutral process and plays a part in the history of the object under treatment. As such, conservation always involves changes in the physical fabric of the object and/or in its cultural significance. These changes are referred to here as ‘later additions’, and discussed within the framework of some issues related to conservation practice and theory. It is argued that conservators should be reflexive in their analysis and treatment of ‘later additions’, by working out a balance between the cultural significance of the object, its physical fabric, interests of owners or users, any originating peoples,and museum professionals.

Keywords: Museums, Conservation

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Peters, R., (2002) “Conservation as a ‘Later Addition’”, Papers from the Institute of Archaeology 13, p.64-71. doi:



Published on
15 Nov 2002