Research Paper

The Future for Curators

Author: Elise Edwards

  • The Future for Curators

    Research Paper

    The Future for Curators



The role of the curator has changed and is likely to change in the future. Current issues of postmodernism have affected their authority and status, by calling on new voices and narratives. Criticisms continue to be levelled at curators for failing to change communication through display and to maintain subject-based expertise, while new technology constantly increases both the demand for and the supply of information. A survey of curatorial jobs in the Museums Journal confirms that the level of skills and knowledge required of curators has decreased. These changes will continue, as in the future curators will be affected by changes in technology, new computerised applications and competition for funding.

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Edwards, E., (2007) “The Future for Curators”, Papers from the Institute of Archaeology 18(S1), 98-114. doi:

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Published on
15 Nov 2007