Digital Dilemma 2018

Authors: Cara Hirst (Institute of Archaeology, UCL) , Suzanna White (n/a) , Michael Rivera (n/a) , Lisa Monetti (n/a) , Rachael Carew (m/a) , Thomas Siek

  • Digital Dilemma 2018

    Digital Dilemma 2018

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In October 2018 a one-day conference was held at the UCL Institute of Archaeology focussing on the ‘Digital Dilemma’ in biological archaeology —specifically human remains research where the use of digitisation methods have increased exponentially over the last decade while comparatively little discussion of the ethical and legal considerations of these data has taken place. Papers presented at Digital Dilemma 2018 explored the use of digital data in human remains research, discussing both the benefits provided by these data, areas of ethical or methodological concern and suggestions for future research. This paper and the following conference proceedings will discuss this research demonstrating the importance that this Digital Dilemma in archaeology continues to be discussed and considered in future research.

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Hirst, C., White, S., Rivera, M., Monetti, L., Carew, R. & Siek, T., (2020) “Digital Dilemma 2018”, Papers from the Institute of Archaeology 29(1). doi:

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Published on
06 Mar 2020
Peer Reviewed